St Euny churchyard has been in continuous use since the first church was built, perhaps for 1400 years, but most of the grave markers are from the 19th and 20th centuries.

St Euny’s memorials and gravestones reveal how mining changed the fortunes of Redruth people.

Memorials in the church and churchyard also reveal how mining took Cornish people all over the world. Graves refer to North and South America, South Africa, Australia, and regions of Britain and Ireland.

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William Davey

William Davey (1754-1827) began work as a ‘stamps boy’ at 2s 6d a month, but became a highly esteemed Mine Captain and agent.

From humble beginnings William Davey made enough money from mining that he was able to get the best education for his sons Stephen and Richard, both born in Redruth, who went on to become Deputy Lieutenant of Cornwall and High Sheriff of Cornwall respectively.

Memorial to William Davey in St Euny Church The tomb of William Davey in St Euny Churchyard