St Euny Church is at the heart of an important mining landscape, amid many impressive reminders of mines, stamps and engine houses all within a mile of this spot.

Nearby copper and tin mines provided vast employment. In 1865 Wheal Uny mine employed 350, Carn Brea 900, West Basset 550, Wheal Basset 365, and there were many more mines and works that supported the industry.


courtesy of Paddy Bradley


The church shared in the prosperity brought by mining, but it would also be a place that people turned to in the many times of disaster or loss that the industry brought.




There have been four or five quite different church buildings at St Euny since about 600 AD ; each has left subtle signs behind.

Each generation has rebuilt, restored, and repaired, building literally on earlier foundations.


steuny-picture-c1878  StEuny_C19th