School Children visit St Euny

St Euny Church has a history of hospitality and we want to extend this unspoken invitation out into the general community, including all the local schools in the area. We feel our church has so much to offer both from an historical and heritage aspect that would benefit so many people.

There has been a church on this site since AD 550 and through the years, including the Diaspora of the mining community, each generation has a story to tell. Come and find out for yourself what your local ancient church has to offer.

We have created some resources to help you enjoy your visit to the church and introduce your pupils to some of the fascinating stories and people who are buried here. The activities have been produced in conjunction with pupils and staff from Trewirgie Junior School and Redruth School.


The resources have been developed mainly with a Key Stage 2 audience in mind, but some could also be used with Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 3 pupils.


Learning Resources for Teachers:

Introduction for Teachers 
1 – William Davey – Mine Agent from Redruth
2 – Young Curators
3 – William Price – Medicine Man
4 – Exploring the Graves
5 – Capt Thomas Teague Esq – a local celebrity remembered 


Please get in touch to arrange a visit to the church and churchyards, with your school, college, youth or community group.